History of the Department

The Department of English has been a part of the college since its inception on 31 August 1981 under the Sree Narayana Trusts, Kollam. Many renowned teachers rendered their service in this department even when this college had only pre-degree courses. In 2001 pre-degree courses were delinked and the college was upgraded with the introduction of a degree course in Mathematics in 1991. Highly qualified English teachers have been handling English classes since then and the department has been reaching out to the students of all mains including B.Sc. Mathematics, I.C, Commerce and History. The department has been making conscious efforts to improve the English language skills of the students of this college who come from different levels of socio-economic background. With the emergence of English as a global lingua franca, English language skills have become vital for the current generation of students. As a large number of students from rural areas are seen to be weak in English language skills, teachers of the department have been conducting remedial classes for them. Even in the absence of B.A. English Language and Literature course, the Department of English continues to play a vital role of imparting the knowledge of English to students of this college.